I was extremely sore and my back was in tight knots after a very active vacation. I spent a week and a half not being able to sit or stand up from sitting without a lot of pain. After 2 visits with Dr. Zastrow, I feel almost pain free. I didn’t realize how much pain my hips and back were in for years even before my trip until now.
July 2022

— LINDA A. (Patient since 2008)
Great chiropractor. He has been my doc for 20+ years. I have a herrington rod in my back and he acknowledges that and adjusts his regimen. I have trust in his judgement and he shows compassion in his work and for his patients. I would recommend his to anyone. I will not go to anyone else. He knows me, knows my spine and neck and knows what pressure points to hit. I would not have the quality of life that I do if it wasn’t for him. Thanks a million Ken …

Sep 23, 2017

— FRANK V. (Patient since 2017)
We were visiting Green Bay from out of state. They did not hesitate to see me. He was extremely personable and very kind. He made a huge difference in easing my back pain.

Jun 3, 2017

— GARY F. (Patient since 2012)
Everyone here is always very nice and pays attention to my needs, from the ladies at the front desk getting me in on short notice to the doctor zeroing in on my problem of the day and taking care of it. No pressure, just good helpful people.

Jan 21, 2017

— LINDA A. (Patient since 2008)
The doctor and his staff are great. They will bend over backwards to make sure your appt. was a success. I have only went to one chiropractor in my life and will only go to one. He has kept me migraine free for over 20+ years. I have a unique situation and he has found ways to work around it.

Dec 21, 2016

— MICHAEL B. (Patient since 2009)
I have always felt comfortable coming here and have know KEN for a few years

Dec 17, 2016

— TIMOTHY L. (Patient since 2008)
Doc has been keeping my spine straight for over 35 years. Enough said 👍

Dec 1, 2016